3 Music Apps That Do More Than Just Play Music

AppWallBeing a smartphone user has its benefits: they are probably the best music accessories that we can have at our disposal.

With about 1700 of them wanting our attention, it’s going to be impossible to use all of them. Of course, we all know about Spotify, Soundcloud and Shazam but there are several others that can do much more than play music.

Here are 3 of these music apps that you can make the most of:

1: SoundHound

Instead of Shazam, use SoundHound to find that song that you can’t seem to stop humming. This app takes it up a notch in identifying music around you. You can even sing or hum into the app as well. It will also identify music lyrics in real-time too if you’re listening to a song on the radio. Better still, it can add songs from the app to your personal playlists on Spotify or Rdio.

2: Magic Piano

If you’ve regretted not taking piano lessons as a child, here’s your chance to give it another shot. Of course, it won’t turn you into a music prodigy but you will learn to play your favorite songs. How this is done is by guiding you to the right keys with beams of light. You can add in a few notes as well as a distinct rhythm of your own to personalize your favorite song. There are plenty of hits to choose from. Also, if you’re bored of the piano, you can switch to the harpsichord or the organ.

3: Slacker

If you’re not happy with your radio service, you might want to try Slacker. This app offers a choice of radio stations that have been selected by music experts. If you’ve been meaning to try a new genre, then this app is the best place to get started. You can look at Slacker’s featured stations genre to get started.