Alicia Keys becomes more powerful

The “No One” singer Alicia Keys, 35, is becoming more powerful as she gets older. She saidownloadd that she has become more career driven and is enthusiastic about the future.

She told Gayle King “I love what I do, I love music, it’s so powerful,…What’s becoming more evident is that I’m becoming more powerful. I’m getting more clarity and more wisdom of what’s happening in the world and how to talk about it, how to access my feelings more.”

The singer intends to project her new found confidence in her upcoming 6th album. She went on to say “You should be out of your mind with excitement for this music,….You’re going to basically lose your mind.”

The star hasn’t put out an album since 2012 (Girl on fire). she says the main reason for this is due to her role in the TV drama Empire. When asked about the role, she said “That was really fun,…I love to act; it’s one of my greatest passions. I would love to do it more, but the time management of it all gets tricky. But I enjoyed it.”

The modern day feminist, has a lot on her plate, from charity events, to being a mom to her two sons Egypt and Genesis and stepmom to her husband’s three children.

She talked about juggling responsibility, by saying “The only way to navigate that beautiful, wonderful responsibility, is a massive calendar and schedule,…..You have to really put the time into anything you love.”