Gifts for a festival Friends

Buying gifts, be it a birthday, anniversary or christmas can be daunting for anyone. If you’re tired of giving the usual candles, gift cards and the like, read on to ensure that your festival friends receive a gift that they would find useful.

  • Mini bose speaker- The bose soundlink mini is a compact mini speaker that provides good sound, with 10hrs of battery life. This way you can listen to your favorite tunes anywhere.
  • A solar charger- Festival junkies have all been faced with their technology dying at major events. This gift will set you back $15- $30 and is a super useful to make sure your friends don’t miss out on pictures and videos of the events.
  • Custom fanny pack- It can be hard keeping your stuff in check when at an event. Backpacks can be cumbersome. Gift your festival friends a custom fanny pack. For just $11 you can buy a customized fanny pack with a printed joke or nickname on it.
  • UV glow in the dark tattoos- These tattoos are a great gift for your festival friends as they make even the simplest outfit stand out. For just $8 this gift wouldn’t break your budget.
  • Water bottles- Staying hydrated at festival is crucial. Give your festival friends a customized water bottle. These come in bright colors and have sections to place cut fruit to infuse and spice up your water.
  • Scarves- Scarves are a great accessory to keep the sun away during day festival events and to keep you warm at night. Gift a tribal scarf or one with a bright pattern.