Justin Bieber Performs at Leonardo Dicaprio’s New Year’s eve party

Leonardo Dicaprio’s new year’s eve party was held in the picturesque caribbean island of St Barts. The event included a number of his close friends and family.

Justin Bieber was one of the singer’s that entertained Leonardo’s guests for the evening. The mini concert was filled with beautiful blondes who enjoyed bieber’s performance. Sources say that bieber started his performance wearing a black t-shirt but ended his performance shirtless.

He asked “Who is representing New York? Who wants to have a good new year?” he asked. “Who has a good year resolution? Who was once not a Belieber, and is now?”

Bieber wanted the night to stay a private affair and urged his fans to put their phones away and enjoy the show. He said that “this is not a prince concert” referring to a restaurant Prince had performed at next door. “I know when Prince said put your phones down he wasn’t even connected with anybody. For real though, let’s just have some fun.”

The star entertained the crowd and thanked his fans. After his performance he took some personal quiet time to reflect on the year.

Bieber wasn’t the only star at the event. Robin Thicke was at the event with his lady friend April Love Geary. James Middleton (Kate Middleton’s younger brother) also attended the party.

Leonardo’s guests wined and dined till 5 am. The event included a private chef who cooked pizza and truffle pasta through out the night.