Record Songs Out of Your Own Home

mic-with-foam-in-bgIf you have an artistic side, why not apply it to recording your own songs or radio show? The act of “podcasting” has become an extremely popular way to discuss interesting topics on a variety of subjects you won’t hear on the radio. If you want to be a part of this growing movement, you’ll need little more than a space, the proper equipment, and sound deadening foam to try and reduce background static.


You need four walls, and the space should be small. For most people, the closet is the most obvious choice, but there are other options around the house if you’re creative. You might be able to convert a portion of the garage, for instance, which isn’t hard to do with some simple construction. Just make sure you have enough space on the walls to cover them with acoustic foam panels, which you can use to either diffuse or completely deaden the sound.

If you need to save money, you can order foam from Canada. Pieces can be custom cut, and panels are sold in bulk at very affordable rates. You can save even more money on this portion if you opt for eggcrate foam.


When you’re looking for audio recording equipment, one of the most important concepts to be aware of is the frequency range. That range determines what your microphone can “hear”, which is very important in picking up background noise.

You’ll also want good mixing equipment, and a computer that has decent processing power and a good sound card. These are all crucial when you’re trying to record high quality audio. Amateurs can forego some of these items to save money. The trouble with audio recording is there really is no ceiling. It’s as good as the money you want to spend on it.

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