7 Nineties Soundtracks That Will Remain Popular

judgmentnightThe nineties, during which grunge became the choice of music, also saw the proverbial movie soundtrack branch out into a number of genres.

While Titanic might not make this list, there are a number of others that changed the way music is used in cinema. Having said that, here are 7 nineties’ movie soundtracks that will remain popular in the years to come:

#7: Pulp Fiction

No matter what, it was very clear that Quentin Tarantino redefined the way directors use classic tracks in their movies.

#6: Space Jam

Considered by many to be the one of the best animated basketball movies ever, R.Kelly’s “I believe I can fly” is just one of the hits that was a part of this movie.

#5: The Crow

Although a number of tracks are of the gloomy industrial-goth variety and seem a little dated, there’s no denying the brilliance of the track, “Golgotha Tenement Blues”.

#4: Tank Girl

Not crediting Courtney Love for her work in putting together these tracks would be a shame. Most of the songs are female-fronted rock acts.

#3: Pump Up The Volume

Given that this flick is about a pirate radio DJ, the soundtrack would have to be just as badass. In that sense, it doesn’t disappoint and which features Henry Rollings with Bad Brains taking on the classic by MC5 titled “Kick out the Jams”.

#2: Trainspotting

This movie is an adaptation of Irvine Welsh and has a number of tracks from oldies such as Iggy Pop, Britpop as well as the then-latest electronica from Underworld.

#1: Judgment Night

This soundtrack blew everyone’s mind as it combined both the talent of the hottest rock acts along with the most popular rappers of that decade.