How to Become a Film Producer

Article submitted by David Guillod.

A film producer is primarily tasked with overseeing numerous aspects of the film production process such as the writing of the story, acquiring the necessary funding, and assessing the artwork used for retail release. While there several professionals that will assist the producer, it is ultimately up to the producer to ensure that all of the components are working together throughout the filmmaking process. If you are interested this field, this article will delve into what it takes to become a film producer.

Experience Matters

For those interesting in becoming a film producer, learning about filmmaking is one of the first major milestones. Not only will this allow novice producers to hone their craft, but it helps when it comes to interning and job searching. Many producers will begin their careers as writers or actors, all while learning how to produce a film during the process.

Obtaining the Right Education

There are many film school programs that teach students the basics of cinematography and filmmaking. These courses will cover cinema production, editing, screenwriting, and film prep. Students also create short films while working toward a degree, which may be included in a portfolio when looking at prospective job opportunities.

Start With an Internship

Many novice film producers will participate in an internship at a small studio, radio station or local television network. Although this may involve a great deal of work with little to no pay, an internship can provide valuable information that can progress to an entry-level position. An internship offers producers a wonderful opportunity to experience life in the film production world.

David Guillod is a well-established talent and literary manager. Guillod held senior partner leadership roles at United Talent Agency, Handprint Ent. & most recently at Primary Wave Entertainment. Guillod is also a film/TV producer, most recently credited on Atomic Blonde and Louder Milk. Visit David Guillod’s profile on Twitter.